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Personal advice on site or by phone & internet

The Effect of an image depends on the Type and size of the room and the furniture. In one individual conversation With sufficient rest I would be happy to advise you on the search for the right photo art for your walls.

I offer, by means of a computer-aided visualization project your dream image onto your own walls. At this current example see how this process works:


The customer is looking for photo art for her office and has sent me this cell phone photo of the empty wall. In this case, there was already an idea for a suitable image size, so that a possible size was marked on the wall with post-it notes.
In this mobile phone snapshot, I mount your desired image (or, if desired, my suggestions) and create various visualizations with different image sizes or motifs.
These visualizations give a lot of security in the selection and decision-making. 
In the next two photos you can see the real result with the selected image. My customers are always amazed at how precisely the simulation can convey the actual effect of the image in the room. 


In addition to offering this expert advice, I have also compiled additional information on the optimal image size of your pictures here.

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