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art at affordable prices

art at affordable prices. How does this work?
As an artist, it is important to me that my paintings are seen, are accessible to a wide audience and of course that my customers are happy with their artwork and recommend me to others.I\'m an artist, gallery owner and distributor all rolled into one. In Berlin-Mitte operateI have my own photo art gallery, in addition to this online gallery, and I do not use intermediaries. This successful form of direct sales enables me to personally guarantee the high production quality of my art photos and these simultaneouslyto offer at favorable and very fair conditions.

Exclusivity & security
I\'ve had to see how too many timessales agents in global art shop branches, almost like supermarkets, always offer the same pictures for sale. I would like to counter this and offer an alternative.
In my gallery I advise you personally and offer exclusive photographic works of art. After all, you should primarily enjoy your work of art for a long time, be safe when you buy it and have a good feeling. This is important to me.

Limited and open edition
I offer art photos in small limited editions, but mostly in open editions, which I would like to offer at affordable prices by deliberately avoiding limitations.
my motivation
I do without expensive marketing and make my living from the fact that my satisfied customers recommend me. To me there is nothing more gratifying than returning customers looking for another work to add to their space or collection.
Service and good advice are important to me.
I look forward to your call with questions or your personal visit to my gallery in Berlin.
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