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Wall Decor for Corporate, Healthcare, Institutional and Residential Spaces

Art photos for your office and all walls in the company

Large formats for foyers - modern panoramas in corridors

You have the freedom to design any place in your company creatively and effectively!

As so often in life, the first impression counts when entering the company building or the practice, also for customers and patients. Emphasize your company or practice philosophy with art. Photographic art succeeds in capturing a moment and transports a different kind of complexity into the modern corporate world. You can bring the right motif into your rooms and thus make your own very special statement for your company. I offer you the opportunity to realize individual formats for your corresponding room situation.

Create an ambience in your company for you and your customers in which everyone feels comfortable. It lifts the mood in the team when the workplace is beautiful and inspiring. Equally and no less importantly, your visitors will feel better looked after if they are received in a beautiful place.

There is the possibility of your desired motives also on Sound-absorbing acoustic elements to raise so that nothing stands in the way of successful communication.

My pictures make your practice even more unique and something very special

Not only your services will convince the patients, but also the flair in your premises in the future. Let your patients balance their anxiety or anxiety with a calming image in the treatment room.
In myCatalog you have a wide range of art photos in many formats to choose from. Rent or buy photographic art and have it delivered to your premises. If you particularly like a work in your room, then simply use the purchase option.
Especially for Berlin medical practices, we also offer personal delivery/collection and the hanging of the works on your premises. Get in touch with me.

 Rent or buy art

You can rent high-quality art photos from us and have the opportunity to purchase the rented works of art at any time.

For years, Alexander Palm\'s artistic photography has been popular with businesses of all kinds

The enthusiastic customers increasingly expressed the wish to be able to view the extraordinary photo artworks live before buying them. Of course, a mural can never look as impressive on the screen as hung directly on the wall. The large-format acrylic glass pictures with formats up to 350 x 200 centimeters only unfold their full effect when hung up. That is why you will find a selection of these large formats in my Berlin gallery.

I cordially invite you to yourself on site to be advised by me without obligation.

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