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Which size for my new picture?

Many customers are moved by the question of right size for your mural, because it is not always easy to imagine the effect of an art photo on your own walls. The Effect of an image depends on the Type and size of the room and the furniture. I can therefore not give a general answer to this question, but I will be happy to help you choose the optimal size for your room.

I am happy to offer this to my customers Visualizations, in which I mount your desired motif in a photo of your room. Further information can also be found here. 

I have put together some tips for the optimal image size for you here:

Above the sofa

100 cm or wider. A picture above the sofa should be at least half as wide as the sofa and, in the case of exceptional motifs, may be wider than 3/4 the width of the sofa. For a 240cm wide sofa, a picture width between at least 120cm and 180cm is usually harmonious. A vertical distance of at least 30 cm from the sofa has proven itself. 

Over the bed

120 cm and more are suitable above a double bed. The mural should take up at least 2/3 the width of the headboard. A picture the width of the bed has the strongest effect. 

Above the dining table

About 100cm or more. The wider the table, the wider the picture can be. If you maintain a minimalist decorating style, a wider mural is a good choice.

In the hallway

Corridors and corridors are usually quite narrow and long. A panorama picture that takes up a large part of the wall surface of the corridor works very well here.

Alternatively, several pictures that are evenly spaced and evenly spaced can create a harmonious and tidy impression.


On a free wall

Image height of at least 80 cm. For an empty wall with no furniture on it, a picture height of at least 80 cm is recommended. With higher ceilings, the image should also be correspondingly higher. 

Please note that sometimes breaking these rules can also enrich a room. You can also rely on your gut feeling!


The motifs from the sample images can be found here:

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