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Information about the Designs

Acrylic Glass Fineart Alu-Dibond
This is one of the most modern forms of photo presentation. I usually offer my photos laminated on aluminum Dibond behind at least 3 mm thick acrylic glass. In this process, the photo is printed on to a premium photo paper and then bonded between a three-layer aluminum composite panel and a polished acrylic glass pane. Images produced in this technique are characterized by the brilliant luminosity of the colors and the great depth of the photographs. The same quality and just as noble and expressive as you can see it in my photo gallery in Berlin. Acrylic Dibond pictures are delivered ready to hang with a profile suspension, which creates a floating look, which floats the picture about a centimeter in front of the wall and makes framing unnecessary. 
Glossy Acrylic Glass (Standard Finish)
The most popular version of acrylic Dibond pictures is a lamination under polished acrylic glass, because the brilliance and sharpness are highest here. 
Matt "anti-reflective" acrylic glass
Optionally, a finish as an acrylic Dibond picture with a matt surface is possible. It is recommended for rooms with strong light, as reflections are minimized here. 

Fineart Acrylic Glass with real Wood Gallery Box Framing
In this design, the photo is laminated directly behind 3 mm thick acrylic glass and framed with a real wood frame made of solid wood with a height of 3.5 cm. Each box is individually made to measure.

The frames are made from real wood and are available in white, black, brown and natural.

|  white  | 

|  natural  | 

 |  brown  | 
 |  black  | 
Alu-Dibond Finart Print
The Alu Dibond Fine Art Print is a premium art print, mounted on a 3mm thick aluminum composite panel. In order to protect your aluminum print from dirt, finger prints, UV-light and moisture, we enrich it with a high class UV-protective laminate. This is an inexpensive alternative to the classic Alu Dibond lamination under acrylic glass. If the picture is hanging in the bathroom with high humidity, this finish is not recommended.

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